5 Tips to make the Social Security Process Simpler

POSTED BY Jon Corra . March 14, 2017

We know that no one pursues a Social Security disability claim because they think the experience is going to be fun. In fact, it’s the furthest thing from fun.

FilingWhy does Social Security Have a 5 Month Waiting Period for Social Security disability is going to be long, frustrating, and at times, it may even upset you. Sure, maybe it’s not as difficult as climbing Mt. Everest or exploring Antarctica.

However, when you think about what you are actually doing when you file for social security, it can be downright scary.  Simply, if you’re filing for Social Security disability, your future is really dependent upon the outcome of your claim.

Don’t fret, though, there are some ways to make things less scary and put you at ease. In the past, we called these things tips.

Now, people refer to them as hacks. Regardless, here are 5 ways/tips/hacks to make your disability claim process simpler.

  • Ask questions. It’s just like going to the doctor or learning a new subject in school. It’s important to ask questions. Asking will help you better understand the process. A lot of people hesitate to ask questions because they are afraid of sounding unintelligent. There is no need to worry about that. The person you’re speaking to at the SSA may be well versed in social security disability, but they too have been in situations that were unfamiliar to them. I consider myself to be very knowledgeable about cars. However, when I go to the mechanic, I still ask plenty of questions so that I better understand what repairs are being made to my car. Keep in mind, part of the job of the people you deal with at the SSA is answering your questions.


  • There are so many good online resources for social security disability. Even the SSA website has good information. Researching topics within social security will help you better understand what will happen. Our firm, Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, started practicing back in 1994. Over the past 22 years, we’ve heard a lot of the same questions from new social security clients. So, we decided to make a book to help people learn the basics of social security. It’s really helpful, and many of our clients have claimed to understand more about the process once they read the book. If you’d like a FREE copy of this book, click here to request one.


  • Talk to people who have been through the process before. You’ll often hear us say that every case is different. That is true. However, a lot of cases have a lot of the same aspects too. Talking to someone who has been through the process before will help you in many ways. First, it will help you realize that you’re not alone. This can be a friend, a family member, or any person who has been through the process. I’ve had several family members file social security Now, they often help each other. This is especially helpful when a younger person files.


  • Get continuous treatment. Regardless if you’ve just filed your claim, if you’ve been denied, or if it’s months after you were approved, continuous treatment will be beneficial for your case at all stages. The way any person gets approved for social security is by means of medical evidence. Some argue it’s the most important part of any case. Often, the more medical evidence you have the better it is for your Plus, better understanding your disability will help you better communicate with people at the SSA.


  • Look into hiring an attorney. Granted, we are a little biased here, but we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t believe it helped people. Also, after 20 years, and thousands of satisfied clients, we must be doing something right. However, hiring an attorney isn’t just about winning or losing a claim. It’s about peace of mind. For instance, we can assist clients with filing claims, fill out paperwork, pursue appeals, representation at hearings, and much more. Plus, each of our clients is assigned case managers to help them with questions every step of the way.


While the process can be daunting, review these 5 tips to see if they will help you. Try implementing them. Start with one of the simpler tasks, like researching social security disability online, and then go from there. If you want to know what it’s like to have an attorney, call us. We’d be happy to give you a free consultation from our Socail security benefits lawyers Virginia. Just click here, or call 1-877-526-3457.

Herbicide Exposure Symptoms

POSTED BY admin . November 04, 2016



Despite risking their lives for us time and time again, getting treatment for our veterans isn’t always easy. Getting veterans benefits typically involves a lengthy and complex claims process that can be difficult to navigate without outside help. These problems are compounded further by recent studies that suggest a link between veterans’ diseases and herbicide exposure. Given the seriousness of the diseases linked to exposure, we wanted to outline some of the symptoms associated with herbicide exposure, as well as what impact it can have on veterans benefits.

What is Herbicide Exposure?

The herbicides used during wars like Vietnam have had a lasting effect on the health of our veterans. In terms of the specific diseases that exposure to herbicides has created, there are many that have developed, although a few are significantly more common than others. Some of the most common diseases associated with exposure are various types of cancer, including chronic b-cell leukemia, and the malignant lymphoma known as Hodgkin’s disease. Of course there are also many other diseases related to exposure from herbicides, although they are not referenced nearly as often. A few examples of the less often mentioned diseases include ischemic heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and prostate cancer.

Generally speaking, if a veteran was exposed to any type of herbicide during their time in the military, and they now have a form of cancer, then odds are good that the herbicide was involved in some way. This can have a serious impact on a veteran’s benefits for both themselves and their family, which is why it’s so important to determine if there was any exposure at all.

How Does It Impact Benefits?

If a veteran was determined to have been exposed to herbicides during their time in the military, then it can entitle them and their family to additional benefits related to the exposure. In addition to the diseases already mentioned, benefits can also be entitled to children born with birth defects as a result of exposure, as well as those suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease. In fact, Veterans Affairs assumes responsibility for all veterans that are suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease who also served for at least 90 days in the military. This applies to veterans regardless of their exposure to herbicides.

If you or a loved on is a veteran in need of help applying for benefits, then be sure to contact us for more information. We can help you determine your next steps and get you the support you deserve.