Social Security Lawyers Discuss Applying for Social Security Benefits

Social Security Lawyers Discuss Applying for Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Association or SSA deals with projects concerning benefits and insurances as stated by the US government. This organization serves as the arm of the government in providing help to the veterans and disabled people who cannot work, thus giving them a chance to have a more suitable way of living. Social security lawyers help people take part in getting benefits for the future. However, the overall process for applying for these benefits tend to be quite difficult, with rules and regulations strictly implemented to avoid problems in the future.

Background Check
A March 3, 2014 article for Philly.comdiscusses a tighter implementation of rules and regulations following certain events that could have been avoided with proper ruling on Social Security:

“The program was launched locally in June 2012 in the wake of the Tacony dungeon case. That case made headlines after police rescued four mentally disabled people from a filthy basement where Linda Ann Weston and four co-defendants allegedly held them captive in a scheme to steal their Social Security benefits.

In January, the Daily News launched a series, “Perfect Prey,” that examines how a vulnerable population of elderly and disabled people can fall victim to predators who abuse them and steal their Social Security benefits.

Under the pilot program, potential “representative payees” who collect disability benefits for those unable to handle their own finances were rejected if they had committed one of 12 crimes: human trafficking, false imprisonment, kidnapping, rape/sexual assault, first-degree homicide, robbery, fraud to obtain government assistance… .”

The social security system of the United States is formed in such a way as to completely secure the benefits of all the disabled and senior citizens in the country. As the SSA handles legal procedures in implementing these restrictions, it is very helpful to consult a social security lawyer from reputable firms like Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, LC to guide any potential beneficiaries (especially you or your loved ones) through the whole process and represent them in situations regarding eligibility issues.

The social security insurance is a developing process, with newer regulations and procedures being implemented to better help most citizens in the United States. With the stricter restrictions and more focused organization handling the benefits of people, the government can really help the veterans and the disabled live much better.

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